Friday, August 17, 2012

Violet Breeze Nails

Excuse the messiness! / Disculpen que no pude limpiarlas!

I forgot how college sucks all my time away. This was my first full week back at college since our first day was last wednesday and between all the work, cooking, band practice and working out I have found it a bit hard to find time for anything else. Since I have been short on time I wanted to try out something easy to do on my nails and decided for this technique I saw in Lindsey's Neverland Nail Blog. It is a fan brush gradient and she has a complete step-by-step over on her blog. I hope you like my take on it.
Se me olvidaba como la universidad me quita todo el tiempo. Esta fue mi primera semana completa de vuelta a la uni ya que la semana pasada empezamos miércoles y entre todo el trabajo, cocinar, práctica de banda y los ejercicios no he logrado encontrar mucho tiempo para algo mas. Como no he tenido mucho tiempo quise hacer algo fácil en mis uñas y me decidí en utilizar esta técnica que vi en el blog Neverland Nail de Lindsey. Es una técnica utilizando una brocha de abanico y en su blog pueden encontrar un tutorial paso a paso. Espero que les guste mi interpretación de esta técnica.

From Left to Right / De Izquierda a Derecha:
1. WetnWild I need a Refresh-Mint
2. WetnWild On a Trip
I used WetnWild's Sugar Coat as a base coat /
Utilicé el esmalte de WetnWild and Sugar Coat como color base
 :) Keymi

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  1. I love this combination!! So beautiful! :D

    1. thank you! this pretty combination is what happens when I tell my boyfriend "pick two that go together"...he's awesome :)

    2. You're awesome too!^^ I love the effect on your nails!

  2. Nice job!! I haven't tried with a fan brush yet, only with a makeup brush and I always make a giant mess! haha! Love the colors! :)

    I followed you from the blog hop! I hope you'll follow me back! :)