Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sky Ablaze

I went bared-nailed for two days because I was totally without inspiration. Finally today I just sat down with my polishes and decided I wanted to something sunset/sky inspired and so I came up with this. Hope you like!
Estuve sin nada en las uñas por dos días porque estaba sin inspiración alguna. Finalmente hoy me senté con mis esmaltes y decidí que quería algo inspirado en un atardecer/cielo y es así que surgió este diseño. Espero los guste!

Colors I Uses (From left to right) / Colores sue Utilize (De izquierda a derecha)
1. Bettina Candy Grape
2. Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in 150 Sun Kissed
3. Bettina in Art Deco Yellow

Step 1- Base Coat
Step 2- Paint all your nails a nice sky blue.
Step 3 - Place a drop of orange polish on a piece of paper and take out a toothpick.
Step 4 - Place a drop of yellow polish on a corner of your nail.
Step 5 - Take some orange polish on the tip of your toothpick place it on the center of the yellow drop and drag out. Do this various time picking up more orange polish as needed until you get the desired look.
Step 6 - Top Coat it!
Paso 1- Base
Paso 2 - Pinta tus uñas un color azul cielo.
Paso 3 - Coloca una gota de esmalte naranja en un pedazo de papel y saca un palillo de dientes.
Paso 4 - Coloca una gota de esmalte amarillo en una esquina de tu uña.
Paso 5 - Toma un poco del esmalte naranja en la punta del palillo de dientes y colócalo en el centro de la gota amarilla en la uña y arrastra hacia afuera. Repite esto agarrando mas anaranjado hasta que obtengas el efecto deseado.
Paso 6 - Capa Final!

:) Keymi
P.S. Help inspire my next look! Tell me what you like in the comments below.
P.D. Ayuda a inspirar mi próxima arte. Dime lo que te gustaría ver en los comentarios abajo.


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  2. Oh wow, I love this design! It's lovely!



  3. Hey there! :) That is an excellent design, I'll try it myself soon :) You 've got a pretty blog here, I like the nail polish template :)
    Thank you for following me, I am following you back :)
    Namita <3

  4. Oh this looks cool!